About Us

Savitri Dental Hospital and Maxillofacial Center is located in Stanley Road near City district hospital (Tej Bahadur Sapru alias Beli Hospital) Our branch is located in Kydganj near Bank of Baroda Our Center provides the best oral and dental care with latest equipments and have all types of treatment modalities.

We know that visiting a dentist, whether it’s for routine dental work or complex treatment can be worrying, but our highly trained team including dentists and nurses will be here to welcome, care and support you throughout your visit.Our team is highly specialised in every aspect of dental health - from healthier gums and nice smiles to fitting crowns and bridges. Whatever your age or dental health need, you can be assured that you are being cared for or advised by some of the country’s leading dental team.
Our highly qualified dentists have been instrumental in the development of specialist dental treatments and surgery. As a result, Savitri Dental Hospital uses the most advanced treatments to care for patients.
We lead the way in caring for patients born with missing adult teeth (hypodontia) and advanced treatment approaches include the combined use of tooth implants, bone augmentation and braces. This is supported with the latest software technology, which allows for accurate placement of each tooth implant and better patient outcomes.
We get a great deal of job satisfaction in successfully treating patients who were nervous or apprehensive prior to coming to the practice perhaps following a previous negative dental experience.