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Healthy and Active Checkups lead to Healthy and Active Life!

At our hospital, we understand the value of mesmerizing and eye-catching smile. We know a smile can change your life. Our team is dedicated towards helping the patients to achieve and maintain a spectacular and long lasting smile that they will be proud of.

Routine checkup helps in maintaining a healthy oral cavity. Moreover, it also helps in detecting any early symptoms of dental problems. After complete dental checkup, we advise you the complete treatment plan so as to restore and secure your healthy smile.

If you are looking  for Dental Treatment in India, our hospital is one of the few Hospitals in Allahabad which provides a wide variety of high class dental treatments from invisible braces to dental jewelry, from teeth whitening to periodontal surgery.

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Dental treatment during pregnancy

If you’re pregnant, your dentist needs to know about the first signs of gum disease symptoms. Pregnant women are at increased risk for periodontal disease because the increased levels of progesterone that come with pregnancy cause an exaggerated response to plaque bacteria. As a result, pregnant women are more likely to develop gingivitis even if they follow a consistent oral health care routine.

Gingivitis is most common during months two to eight of pregnancy. Tell your dentist when you are pregnant he or she may recommend more frequent dental cleanings during the second trimester or early in the third trimester to help combat the effects of increased progesterone and help you avoid gingivitis.

n addition, eating a balanced diet during pregnancy will help promote dental health and overall health for you and your baby. A baby’s teeth begin to develop between months 3 to 6 of pregnancy, so be sure that you are getting enough calcium, vitamin D, C and A, phosphorous, and protein.

A myth persists that a pregnant woman will lose calcium from her teeth if she isn’t getting enough calcium in her diet during pregnancy. In fact, any calcium loss due to inadequate dietary calcium will occur in the bones, not the teeth. But if you include plenty of calcium rich foods in your diet during pregnancy, your bones and teeth and your baby’s bones and teeth should be strong and healthy.

So avail our services and visit us today for the best Dental Treatment in India. Brighten up your smile with routine dental treatment!