Root Canal Treatment

Make your teeth stronger and long lasting with our hospital’s Painless Root Canal treatment.

In today’s fast moving world we hardly have time to take care of ourselves and we always look for quick and effective solutions, hence Savitri Dental Hospital & Maxillofacial Centre brings for you a special Painless Root Canal treatment that will abolish your pain in just one sitting.

Visit us at our hospital today, to get rid of your tooth pain as even a slightest pain can be a peril of tomorrow. It may cause problems like Sensitivity, cavities, dental restorative work, bacteria attack results in swelling, Infections, discoloration and ultimately destroy your tooth.

Our hospital has root canal specialist who have expertise in treating patients in a single sitting with painless procedure of root canal. 

Urge to purge 

Careful examination by our Endodontist and tests form the first step of out treatment. By using the anesthesia the experts numb the area and then begin the painless root canal treatment which will leave you with stunning teeth and smile forever.

Our treatment will ensure you maintain your natural teeth and will only eradicate the problem. Applied perfectly, our root canal treatment with preventive measures will ensure you a long term healthy teeth. Gain healthy teeth and beautiful smile with our finest dental care!