Braces for Teeth

Get a confident smile at our hospital!

Savitri Dental Hospital & Maxillofacial Centre brings for you the newest trend and techniques in Orthodontics like Invisible braces, Invisalign, Lingual Orthodontics, Clear path and many more orthodontic treatments which will enhance your looks and give you the cool confidence to face the world.

Nothing can beat a heartfelt and earnest smile. A beautiful smile can give you confidence of wining any person and making the best impression. At the same time if your teeth are not aligned they can spoil your impression. Braces for teeth are the best way to align your teeth in a perfect curve and look elegant. 

Depending upon your choice our dentists can apply traditional metal, lingual or ceramic braces for teeth. Orthodontists at our hospital utilize the latest generation of wires and technology.

For those who shy away from the traditional metallic braces for teeth you need not let the world know that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. At our hospital we offer you a range of solutions like Invisible braces, Lingual braces, Ceramic braces, Clear path & Invisalign. Nobody will even know you are wearing them, and even before you know the results will be a mesmerizing perfect smile you always dreamt of.

For ages 6 to 10 years we offer Functional appliances and Habit breaking appliances as a part of Preventive Orthodontic treatment.

It is never too late! It can be done by anyone; whether you are a budding actor\model or have a front desk job many people who missed a chance in their childhood can opt for this treatment now with our Invisible braces or Lingual braces. It is highly common among youths especially before marriage and job as well as in middle age.

So avail our services and be an attraction in your office, college or any functions! Brighten up your life with Orthodontic treatment at our hospital!