Cosmetic dentistry

We can ensure you have the smile and self-assurance you’ve always dreamt of!

Our complete smile makeover treatment includes Teeth Contouring, Porcelain Crowns & Veneers, Invisible Braces, Dental Implants and Teeth Whitening. We are honored to introduce a multi-corrective approach to cosmetic dentistry. It doesn’t matter how discontented you are with your smile, here in Allahabad, India, we possesses the artistry and expertise that is backed by our total commitment to patient care to provide you with a Complete Smile Makeover that will change the way you smile and feel about yourself, forever.

You can look good and have a healthy smile!

Are you unhappy with the way your teeth look and feel? Do you realize that there are multiple ways modern cosmetic dentistry can change your smile.Today, Cosmetic dentistry can rectify chipped or crooked teeth, fill gaps in your teeth, whiten stained or discolored teeth, replace missing or broken teeth and reduce a gum.

Our cosmetic dentists at our hospital in Allahabad, India, develop a personalized treatment schedule for you, depending on your goals, age, time and financial budget.

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Botox Treatment

Age brings with it significant changes in the human face and skin. Wrinkles, creases in the skin and facial lines are common after the age of 40. The medical fraternity offers a novel treatment to keep these lines at bay.

If you are frowning about the wrinkles and creases in your skin, let Botox move its magic wand on you and feel the difference! Botox is an excellent non-surgical cosmetic procedure to relax facial muscles and iron out facial lines, grooves, wrinkles, frown lines, forehead furrows and even the glabellar lines between the eyebrows. Some doctors are even using Botox to treat wrinkles in the corner of the eyes popularly known as “crow’s feet”, “turkey gobble” neck, “marionette lines”, lip lines, and creases along the nose and mouth.

Botox is successful in diminishing the appearance of wrinkles caused by repeated contractions of the muscle because it acts as a paralytic. When injected directly into the muscle it actually arrests the muscle’s ability to contract by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles. If a muscle cannot tighten, a wrinkle cannot be formed. Other less common uses of Botox include the treatment of excessive sweating in the armpits, hands, and feet as well as migraine headaches.

Botox may actually prevent new wrinkles from forming. Another possible benefit is that the botulinum toxin does not stay in the body indefinitely, so if there is an adverse effect, or a mistake is made, it is only temporary. There is also the likely possibility that with frequent treatments, the injected muscles will atrophy allowing the patient to go longer and longer between treatments.

Dental Implants (Replaces Missing Teeth or Dentures)

Implants are the new age method used to restore any missing teeth. It gives artificial teeth a more natural look and it is more secure. Titanium is used in implants, it is fixed in bone in place of the root. Once it is completely integrated with the jaw bone, an abutment is fixed to the implant then a bridge crown or denture is fitted on top of the abutment which replaces any missing teeth or a single tooth.At hospital our in-house Implantologist performs the Dental implants surgery.

A tooth implant is more advantageous compared to a bridge because it replaces the tooth without hampering any of the adjacent teeth. Bridged teeth are also joined together making flossing impossible. Implants crucially support multiple implant crowns or implant supported bridges especially. Sometimes there might not be sufficient adjoining teeth to support bridges for a long time.

For complete denture weaves, maintenance is a major issue as bone support decreases with age. Ultimately the most excellent fitting dentures tend to feel loose too. Complete upper dentures involve a wide surface over the palate for suction this hampers the taste of food which isn’t fun. On the other hand, Implant supported dentures are securely fixed in and do not need the palate to be covered. Dental implants are incorporated with other treatments such as crowns, bridges and veneers as part of full smile makeovers or full mouth reconstructions following the same processes of smile design.

Teeth Whitening (Same-day Service)

Time, smoking, tea and coffee are just a couple of the things that make your teeth to yellow and discolor. Whitening is similar to a facial, it helps to clean pores in your teeth gently removing stains, leaving your teeth cleaner and brighter. Whiter teeth can make you look younger and give you more confidence.

We offer teeth whiteningtreatments to fit in with your schedule and individual goals in two types:
Office bleach:-  Professional teeth whitening (whitening performed by a dentist in their office) may be the best choice for those people who need immediate teeth whitening results. In just an hour or two of appointment time a dentist can apply the bleaching gel, "activate" it with their light or a laser, and then you're finished. Your smile shows whitening results the very same day of your very first bleaching treatment

Home bleach:- The take home system. On your first visit we'll take an impression your upper & lower mouth arch - enclosing the teeth you wish to have whitened. We then create a tray that is molded to the scalloped lines of your gums. You try on the custom made tray we created for your mouth during your second appointment and if necessary adjustments can be made for a comfortable fit.

Veneers (For Discoloured and Uneven Teeth)

Veneers are new surfaces for damaged teeth, specially created using porcelain. Veneers are enormously versatile. They are used to line up protruding & crooked teeth, fill gaps or lighten the colour of your teeth. The appearance, longevity and strength of our porcelain veneers are similar to natural teeth and they're perfect to make lifelong alterations to a smile.

Savitri Dental Hospital & Maxillofacial Centre’s porcelain veneers hold an exclusive  treatment.Porcelain veneers are used to mask a single dark tooth but more often are used as part of smile makeover. At the Savitri Dental Hospital & Maxillofacial Centre, our smile makeovers starts with professional consultation where we learn what modifications our clients require to enhance their smile.
Porcelain veneers are then provided as planned over two main treatment appointments. During the first appointment the teeth are prepared. This procedure involves trimming a thin layer from the front surface and biting edge to make space for the veneer. These treatments are all carried out using our pain-free anesthetic techniques.

Porcelain veneers are then fixed during the second appointment. Our veneers are fitted with a multi-layer bonding system that links the veneers to the teeth with unmatched strength. The veneers are polished and bite checked before they are revealed to our patients. We also see our patients a few days later to check if all is well after they’ve had some time to use them and eat with them.

Crowns & Bridges (Natural Looking Teeth, or Caps)

It doesn’t matter how old you are if you desire to have straight teeth. Properly aligned teeth make your smile look beautiful and it helps your tongue, muscles, and jaws function correctly. Inappropriate alignment of teeth can result in tooth decay and gum disease. Our hospital offers comprehensive orthodontic treatments for adults and children.

Our porcelain crowns also have an exclusive five year guarantee.
Porcelain crowns may be used to cover a single dark tooth but in most cases it is used during complete smile makeovers. At our hospital our smile makeovers start in the consultation room where we find out what clients don't like about their teeth and what type of smile is required. “Mock design” is then used to design the smile and to fine tune the required tooth shapes and colour to the client's wishes.

Porcelain crowns are then fitted as intended over the next two sittings. During the first appointment damaged, broken down and decayed teeth are treated first. The teeth are then prepared for further treatments. Some of processes involve trimming a thin layer around the tooth to create room for the crown. The next step involves taking impressions to make temporary crowns.

Temporary crowns give our patients a chance to try their intended smile design before the permanent crowns are prepared. This also gives our dentist an opportunity to make any adjustments or changes to the temporaries before making the permanent crowns. At our hospital every crown is made using this method.

Savitri Dental Hospital & Maxillofacial Centre uses pain-free anaesthetic techniques for every dental procedure.

During the second sitting Porcelain Crowns are fixed and fitted. Every crown is fixed using a multi-layer bonding system to strengthen the bond between the crown and the tooth with supreme strength. After this the crown is bite checked and polished before they are shown to our patients.

Our patients are called for checkups over the next few days to make sure everything feels fine.

Orthodontics / Invisible Braces (Straightens Teeth)

It doesn’t matter how old you are if you desire to have straight teeth. Properly aligned teeth make your smile look beautiful and it helps your tongue, muscles, and jaws function correctly. Inappropriate alignment of teeth can result in tooth decay and gum disease. Our hospital offers comprehensive orthodontic treatments for adults and children.

To correct crooked teeth, our specialists apply traditional metal or clear braces. If you don't want people to know that you're wearing braces, he may recommend lingual orthodontics or Invisalign. FFor children from six to ten years old, we can apply functional trainers, which remove the need for early orthodontics.
Going through instant orthodontics treatment does not need to be costly and uncomfortable to be effective. We can utilize the most advanced techniques in orthodontics to speed up major treatments and avoid surgery. If you want to straighten your smile, schedule a consultation today.